Frequently asked questions:

How do I choose the right perfume for me?

We really would then advise trying fragrances in-store. Buying online is fine for replenishment, but there is nothing like experiencing the way a fragrance develops on your skin.
Initially, try the fragrance on a blotter (also known as a perfume ‘spill’); these should be available on perfume counters – and when you buy a Discovery Box from this site, you’ll find a pack of blotters inside. Allow a few minutes for the alcohol and the top notes to subside, and then smell the blotters. At this stage, you may be able to eliminate one or more, if they don’t appeal – but it is really the heart notes and the lingering base notes that you will live with, and which are crucial.

What are the ‘notes’ in a fragrance?
They are the different phases through which a fragrance develops when you spray it on your skin. Each of these stages or groups of “notes” has a different degree of volatility. The head or top notes are the first impressions of a fragrance. These are the light volatile notes that burst on your skin as you first spray, the fragrance you experience as you open a bottle. The head notes are so volatile that they usually wear away within 10 to 15 minutes. As they fade, the heart or middle notes bloom on your skin. These form the core of the composition and are the dominant theme of the fragrance. This theme is accentuated and fixed by the base or soul notes. These are the foundation of the fragrance, the notes that bind the other ingredients together. They create the memory that makes the theme linger in your mind and make the fragrance last for some four to five hours on your skin.
What is the difference between perfume/scent/fragrance?

What is the difference between perfume/scent/fragrance?

How long will an open bottle last?

Fragrance certainly doesn’t last forever – but storing it correctly will help preserve the quality and lifespan of your perfume. The key is to keep it away from light and heat – so a bathroom, or a sunny dressing table, is NOT the place for your fragrance stash: higher temperatures affect the top notes of the fragrance, making them musty, or sourer.
If you have a dark cupboard to store perfume in or a drawer, that’s perfect. (Ideally, keep in the box, or – if you’re using a drawer – wrap bottles in a scarf, or even plastic, unglamorous as that is. Be aware that perfume that’s never been opened and kept in a dark place can last more than 10 years!
If you can’t manage that environment, store it on a shelf that doesn’t get direct sunlight, in a not-too-hot room. Then once a bottle is open, you should get up to two years’ life out of it (we’ve had fragrances that last much longer…) Lighter, citrusy scents deteriorate faster than opulent florals.

How Long do orders take to ship?

US orders are shipped out from our fulfillment center within 3 business days and International orders ship out within 6 business days.
Note: Orders during the Holiday season, promotions, and new releases will need additional time due to a higher volume of orders.

Can I cancel my order?

We can cancel the order (if the order has not yet been processed).
A tracker not yet raised is not an indication that fulfillment has not received your order. Once an order has been passed to fulfillment then we cannot cancel. As a result, we will need to check if we can cancel.

Why does the same fragrance smell different on me and my friend?

The fragrance comes to life on the skin, so it’s understandable that individual differences in chemistry impact how it smells. Everything from diet to skin type can affect the way the individual facets play on the skin. Although the overall impression remains the same, certain notes may be heightened or blurred on different people.